Nov 18, 2016

WEBE RM79 - The Good News and The Bad News

I will not write a brief description about the Plan or stuff. This package is good to be true and guess what, they offer a limited time RM79 registration for all user. So here is what I think about this package, and you can decide is it worth to mnp your current number and telco:

The Good News:
1. Free Call (Unlimited)
2. Free SMS (unlimited)
3. No Quota (Unlimited High Speed Internet).
4. 4G

The Bad News.
1. Sorry, No torrent Please!
2. Maximum or Minimum Speed not mentioned.
3. Only few phones will enjoy the benefit because it uses 850Mhz Band. Now go to GSM arena and check your phone specification, does it support 850Mhz.
4. Personal Hotspot or Tethering RM6 for 2 Hours.

The biggest problem for me is the Hotspot price, however, there is a good reason why WEBE need to implement this. Since the speed is Uncapped, it would be wise for us to buy one sim and share with whole  family, friends and neighbors right?, no need one sim for one person, it would be one sim and Internet for all. And of course if every user did this, what will happen to the network?

About torrent, we know there are torrent soldiers who stay by the line 24/7 with huge queue of Uploads and Downloads.

I still choose to wait, since it is early to judge, and of course they are new with few users, the line should not have problems.

Nov 5, 2016

How to Replace Asus Zenfone 5 LCD and Digitizer

After 10 years I dedicated my life fixing computers, today I spent my money and time just to learn how to fix a smart phone. There are few youtube videos that shows how to fix or Replace Asus Zenfone Screen. They make it look easy but after I tried do it myself, there are few important point we need to know. So here is the lesson I learned and hope would be helpful to others:

If you need the video tutorial, here is the best so far :

1. The screen is a combination of Digitizer and LED/LCD.
For zenfone 5 model, don't buy LCD and touchscreen separately. Buy both of them which already stick together. This is because to remove only touch screen (digitizer) is too technical and one mistake you'll break the Black LCD Layer. Trust me I broke one and waste 5 dollar to buy only digitizer, then spend another $23 for this.

2. Make sure to have the following tools:
- Phone repair set : Look at the video and you'll find out what you need to have. here is an example:

-Glue  : To stick the new LCD to the frame properly so that it will not loose. Loose LCD will cause unsual behavior or certain part of the screen will not respond to your touch.

-hot Air Blower : We nee to apply heat on original screen before we remove it. Otherwise it will break the frame.

3. Assamble Everything Properly.
You need to be patience and install everything properly, it happened to me where I only glue the upper part of the screen and does not apply tape on certain cable. After boot I found out home screen does not work. Re-assamble and add glue on all side, then everything work fine.

If you have any question you may ask me here, I'm sorry for my English or Terms I used here since I'm not familiar with smart phone terms.