Feb 20, 2016

How to Save Recipes from Facebook or Any Websites

Save recipes on Facebook
Click on the post menu located on top right of the  post and click on Save Post. Then click on the Saved Post on the left pane view your saved post.
The downside is when there are too many posts saved, you might find it is hard to locate older post. There are no search box to search you saved post and you can't customize the categories of each saved post.

Take a Snap Shot
Either using Facebook with Mobile Phones or Computer, you can take a snapshot of any recipes for Facebook or any Website. It is a lot easier with Mobile Phone where the snapshot directly saved into your Phone Gallery. To take your Phone Screenshot press Menu Button and Volume Down button at the same time until you hear a snapshot sound.
If you are using Laptop or desktop, press Print Screen Button (normally on top written as PrtSc SysRq). Open paint and click paste, from here you can crop the screen shot and save what you only need. By using this method you can view it offline, or create you own recipes book by add all saved screenshot in one document or folder.

Email it to yourself
Just highlight all of the recipes you found online and select copy. Now open your email (I prefer Gmail) and select compose. The click paste, it will paste all the text and pictures. Then mail it to yourself.

Use Gmail to create you recipes Gallery.
You can create your own recipes gallery using your Gmail. Gmail has a feature that you can create label to categorize your email. So create a New label and name it as recipes, then select your email (the recipes you send to yourself or from your friends) on your inbox and label it as recipes. You can browse all recipes and search your recipes using your email search.

Feb 9, 2016

4 Ways to Fix Network Icon shows not connected

Connected to the Internet but Network Icon still show not connected with yellow triangle, why is this happening? There are several reason to this depend on your current network setting and configuration. There are several ways to fix it:

1. Add Full Permission in Registry
Commonly happen in Windows 7.  This is quite advance, you need to open registry editor. Browse through:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList

What we need to do is:
Require a reboot and re-connection

  • Open registry editor
  • Right Click on Network List by navigating HKey_Local_Machine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList
  • Select Permission
  • Select Advance
  • The tick the box "replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object" 
  • Then click enable inheritance.
  • reboot

2. Reset the Network Configuration.
The network configuration not only mess with network icon, you will also notice not network adapter displayed on network and connections in control panel.
Once again open registry editor and Browse though :

Look at the left you will find config, delete that. reboot and dont worry Windows will rebuild and insert the config file into the registry automatically.

3. Delete Bridge Connection
Commonly in Windows 7, the reason bridge connection created is tto connect between 2 devices or networks to communicate such as to exchange files. The bridge connection could be the reason and what you need to do is : 
Delete Bridge Connection

Go to Control Panel - Network and Internet - Network Connection
Disable your current connected device, say wireless device
Then delete bridge connection. Done.

4. Remove Unwanted Networking Software
Uninstall third party networking tools, if you have wifi software such as wifi utility, remove it because in most cases you will see your Wifi icon crossed with red X icon.

Other things you can do:
System restore is the best option if you don't know what else to do. Certain software installation, bugs, updates or glitch could change your system setting or even remove important files. With system restore, it will restore your computer state where your Network Icon works properly.

Feb 7, 2016

How to Fix Mouse Lag in Windows 10

Mouse lag is another problem for Windows 10 users and normally force them to revert back to Windows 8.1. There cause is different from one to another Laptop or PC. The culprit could be your hardware or your OS configuration. Here is the common fix for the lag mouse problem in Windows 10.

1. Disable Cortana
Open Task Manager (don't ask why), if you notice the mouse lag gone you need to disable Cortana in order to solve your problem. If you love Cortana and still want to resolve pointer lag problem, open Task manager every time you want to use your PC.

2. Disable Intel Graphic or Nvidia High Definition Audio.
If your laptop/PC have 2 graphic chip, Disabling the Intel graphic would resolve the issue. In laptop terms, a laptop which have 2 graphics chip called Switchable Graphic.This feature use to control power usage with the ability to switch from high performance (Nvidia or ATI) to standard performance (Intel Graphic). You can disable Intel graphic by open Device Manager, Under display adapter, right click on Intel Graphic and select Disable then reboot. Remember this only applies for devices with switchable graphic.

3. Disable Nvidia High Definition Audio

If you have Nvidia Graphic, you can see Nvidia High Definition Audio listed on device manager, just disable it and reboot. It was reported to resolved mouse lag issue. You can enable the device anytime by open device manager- right click and select enable. It was reported that after disable with reboot, you can enable it back and it will not cause mouse lag again. If enabling it cause mouse lag again, you need to manually remove or rename FMAPP - see STEP 6.

4. Avoid Transceiver Interference 
If you have your transceiver located at the back. Move it to front USB slot because we want to avoid any interference. Even though placing at the back on Windows 8 or Windows 7 works great, it would not promise that it will works on Windows 10.

5. Update Graphic Driver with Latest Version
Default driver provided by Microsoft (along with Windows 10 installation) could be the reason for the lag. Go to the manufacturer website and download the latest driver version available. Updating using Windows update is not recommended. For Intel graphic, installing previous version reported resolve the issue.

6. Remove/Rename FMAPP.exe
For computer which uses Realtek or Conexant Audio, there is one file that run everytime you turn on your PC and it cause the mouse lag. The file name is FMAPP.exe,
You can see FMAPP run as background process on Task Manager

for conexant it located in
c:\program file or Program File(86)\forteconfig\
for realtek
c:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\
The safe way is to rename both file so Windows will failed to run fmapp because we altered the file name.
The other thing is to remove forteconfig in add remove program in control panel. ForteConfig commonly found on Lenovo notebook which installed along with Conexant Audio Driver software installation.

7. Change the Palm Check Threshold
Go to Settings - Devices - Mouse and Touchpad -Additional Mouse Options - TouchPad Tab Settings
- Advanced Tab - Palm Check Threshold- now move bar all the way to the left
 So, which solution solve your problem, share it with others in the comment section below.

Feb 6, 2016

Umobile Hero P70 - Unlimited Calls with 8GB Data

Umobile has set a new level for Malaysia Mobile Internet Plan. With Rm70, you will get 7GB data all day plus 1GB every month for life, free and unlimited voice call to all telco, and the best part is there is No contract period. Period!.

Here is what P70 offers:
7GB data( extra 1GB every month for life during promotion)
Free Call - Unlimited voice call to all telco
Free MNP, keep your old number(free)
Normal SMS rate
Promotion ends on 30th June 2016
Only applicable for Malaysian or foreigner  of age 18 and above

Now let us compare with other telco with equivalent criteria.
All prices exclude GST, see full feature on Main telco Site

The Fastest Mobile Network In Malaysia
On 25th December 2015, Ookla, global leader in broadband speed testing and web-based network diagnostic applications, has announced that U Mobile has the fastest mobile network in Malaysia. So I put the speed on the test, since not all places have 4G network ( A good reason not to use 4G since both my 4G smartphone screen Broke), using my cheap smart phone MIVO which only support 3G band. The result:
The speed result with only 3G coverage at Johor Bahru using KL server

54 ping considered great ping for online gaming. The average speed between 5 Mbps - 7 Mbps allows you to watch YouTube in HD without buffer or lag. Upload speed is fairly good and normally not a big consideration for choosing mobile internet plan.

The Downside
The main disadvantages with Umobile is the internet 3G and 4G coverage.  It is hard to get a good signal especially if you live in rural areas.

Peak and Off-Peak Internet Performance
So far I didn't have any problem with the connection during especially during peak hours.
Performance at Capped Speed
If you already used up all 8GB monthly quota, don't worry about using whatapps or  browsing. You might notice slower load of webpage but at 0.7Mbps it still good for light usage.

To Wrap it Up
I've been using various Postpaid and Internet Plan since 2003, P1, YES, Celcom, and Maxis. So far the main feature I want to see is a Cheaper and Reasonable Plan. Why? current website and apps not a plain HTML anymore, every webpage or apps contain video and picture, and some of them are High Res Pic or Video. With 1GB data ( I remember those day, 1GB for RM50) I can barely save it for 2-3 days. If you ask me which telco I will choose if Umobile is not available, Celcom of course, wider coverage, no contract and a good carry foward unused Internet Quota feature.