Nov 16, 2015

TM Streamyx RM88 4Mbps Package with Free Tablet

The Streamyx RM88 package actually a promo package which comes with 3 different packages to choose from. The monthly commitment is cheaper compare to the original packages pricing. In addition people who subscribe to this promo package will get a free Tablet.

The original and normal pricing for TM Streamyx Packages are:

However this promo package only provided by certain TM agent, which means you cannot directly apply with TM. The agent also provided with subscription Quota which means it is a limited offer and form what I heard it is limited to 100 subscription per agent.

Where can I locate the Agent?
It is hard to tell, however I found few agents promote this package on their blog and FB pages. The newest was posted on June 2015.

So here what you need to know about this promo package:
  • No Installation Fee (Normally RM50)
  • No Activation Fee (Save RM75)
  • No Quota (Unlimited , I'm not sure if this packages do have FUP, Fair Usage Policy which means the ISP have the right to capped the speed later on)
  • -RM 75 for Service Deposit
  • -Duty Stamp RM10
  • -Wiring (RM30-50)

Who can apply and What is the Terms and Condition?
  • Not yet a Streamyx subscriber.
  • Total Household monthly income do not exceed RM5000
  • Malaysia Citizen 
  • Can only subscribe to 1 package (choose 1,2 or 4Mbps)
  • You can't upgrade to Unifi or downgrade the package.
Few month back this promotion is available on my hometown, Kuala Krai, Kelantan but already ended due to high request.