Nov 16, 2015

TM Streamyx RM88 4Mbps Package with Free Tablet

The Streamyx RM88 package actually a promo package which comes with 3 different packages to choose from. The monthly commitment is cheaper compare to the original packages pricing. In addition people who subscribe to this promo package will get a free Tablet.

The original and normal pricing for TM Streamyx Packages are:

However this promo package only provided by certain TM agent, which means you cannot directly apply with TM. The agent also provided with subscription Quota which means it is a limited offer and form what I heard it is limited to 100 subscription per agent.

Where can I locate the Agent?
It is hard to tell, however I found few agents promote this package on their blog and FB pages. The newest was posted on June 2015.

So here what you need to know about this promo package:
  • No Installation Fee (Normally RM50)
  • No Activation Fee (Save RM75)
  • No Quota (Unlimited , I'm not sure if this packages do have FUP, Fair Usage Policy which means the ISP have the right to capped the speed later on)
  • -RM 75 for Service Deposit
  • -Duty Stamp RM10
  • -Wiring (RM30-50)

Who can apply and What is the Terms and Condition?
  • Not yet a Streamyx subscriber.
  • Total Household monthly income do not exceed RM5000
  • Malaysia Citizen 
  • Can only subscribe to 1 package (choose 1,2 or 4Mbps)
  • You can't upgrade to Unifi or downgrade the package.
Few month back this promotion is available on my hometown, Kuala Krai, Kelantan but already ended due to high request.

Oct 24, 2015

How to convert and play ts video File

You can directly play the video with TS file extension or file format using video player such as VLC , KMP or default Windows Media Player. However if you connect your computer to PC via HDMI you will notice you will get no audio output. Further more your iphone, android devices or tablet maybe would not read the and play the file. So first we need to convert it to MP4 because this file format widely supported for most current device.

It is actually simple:

1. Download free ts video converter form here:  or you may google for other type of free ts converter software.

2. Convert the file and wait until finish.The conversion time depend on the file size and length.
Now you will have another instance of the file with mp4 file format.

Oct 4, 2015

How to reconnect your ASTRO

You can reconnect your ASTRO service by using one of the following method:

1. SMS
Type ASTRO RCO AC <acount number> and send to 33310.

example :

ASTRO RCO AC 898976890

You will get a message and your service normally will be restored within 3 HOURS. Normally it would take about 20 - 40 minutes.

However sometimes you will receive this message :

RM0.00 Reconnection  request is unsuccessful due to technical error. Please try again Later. We apologise for the inconvenience caused . / Astro

If you receive this SMS, use the MMS method.

2. MMS 
If you make payment using bank other than Maybank and Public Bank, it will take 1 -2 days before ASTRO receive your payment. However that's long time to wait so what you need to do is to send an MMS. Snap the picture of your payment slip, type ASTROMMS AC <Account Number> and send it to 32777.

* Remove the first and last digits of your account number. If your account number is: 0999888220 just type 99988822 because it only accept 8 digits account number.

ASTROMMS AC 99988822

*once again please make sure your account number is 8 digits by removing the first and the last digits of your account number.
*Remember to attach the payment slip. If you paid online, print screen the transaction summary or just snap it with your smartphone.

4. Call for Reconnection
Call ASTRO costumer service number is the fastest way to reconnect, however it is expensive compare to SMS and MMS.


-Select preferred language
-Select Billing
- Then select Other Question
- Wait for the CS to answer your call and ask for reconnection.

You can also contact ASTRO on thier official Facebook page.

Aug 3, 2015

How to Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

This method will convert your invalid dynamic disk into basic disk without losing any data and recover all files on your hard disk.

1. Download TestDisk ,  install and run the program.

2. Select Create (Use your keyboard arrow key to select)

3. Select the hard drive you want to change to basic disk and select proceed and press enter.
4. Then select the OS/System menu base on your system. (example Intel/PC)

5. Select Analyse

6. Select backup, then select proceed.
7. Now you will see your partition listed. Select the partition and press C to copy. You can copy and backup the files into any storage on your computer such as external Hard Disk or Thumb Drive.

8. Now select Write the press Y on your keyboard to confirm.

9. Reboot and now you will be able to use your disk again.

Aug 2, 2015

How to Fix Hard Disk Not Showing in Disk Management

Disk Management is a default Utilities to check your computer internal and external storage. You can also use it to format, create, delete partition and resize your partition. If your computer does not recognize a new hard disk - external or internal hard disk, you just need to open disk management and assign the volume letter for it. However if your hard disk not showing up in disk management you need to re-format the Hard Disk.

The problem is how to format it if it does not shows up in disk management?

1. Before we start make sure your Hard Disk cable (Sata/IDE) it is tight and connected properly.
2. Make sure the Hard Disk detected in BIOS.
3. There are 2 ways to format it, first by installing Ubuntu (or other linux distribution).
-Boot to linux/ubuntu and reformat your HDD


4. Get an External Hard Disk Casing (It is cheap, around USD10).
5. Make your Hard Disk as external and reformat it.

There are another way to fix this however it is depend on your situation. If you have a secondary desktop, try the HDD on the other desktop. If it is detected try to reformat it again. If your BIOS does not show your HDD it means either you have a loose cable or faulty HDD. Faulty motherboard could be the issue but it is a very rare case. Lastly RAM will not cause this, if you have faulty RAM it will only interrupt Windows Installation or cause BSOD.

Jul 26, 2015

How to Check Your Maxis Bill Fast and Easy

You don't have to have a launchpad or register with maxis to view your current bill. Actually you just need to go to maxis mobile site and view your current bill. The website will detect your account base on your sim card you are using to connect to the internet. So what you need to do is plug in your  maxis broadband or turn on data on your mobile phone. Then go to this site (if using phone does not work, open the link using your laptop).

You can simply click on the link above to view your current outstanding balance. It will list the following information.

Total payable : (What you need to pay)
Current bill :
Balance f/d (overdue) :
Unbilled amount :

However it will not show your account number or when you need to pay the bill.  This website is easier to use with simple interface. This is a good way to track your current bill so that if you see suspicious amount on your bill you can contact maxis right away.
If you get an error saying that the service is unavailable just refresh the webpage.

Jul 12, 2015

How to Fix Windows AERO stopped Working

AERO gives your desktop a transparency or glass look which something everyone want to have on their windows Vista or Windows 7. If you AERO stopped working it is due to several reasons and each of them requires different method to fix. here I will list out what you can do to fix it.

1. Restart the Theme and AERO services.
Click start and type SERVICES.MSC on the search box, and then press enter.
Look for Desktop Windows Session Manager - Right click and select properties
Click stop and then click start, on startup type select automatic.
Now look again for THEME and do the same thing - stop, start and set to automatic.

Make sure to click apply to make the changes.

2. Uninstall recently installed updates
Windows updates is one of the culprit, if your Aero stopped working after Windows automatic updates installation, uninstall the updates. For example one of the updates that cause this is KB2670838 (Platform Update for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2)
To do this go to Control Panel - Program - Program and feature - Installed update.
Right click on the update you want to uninstall and select uninstall.

3. System restore
There are some changes that made on your system taht cause this to happen, so what you need to do is to roll back this changes by using system restore. you can read this on my other blog.

4. Adjust your monitor color
Most of the time windows will automatically set your color to 32-bit, but sometimes it only set 16-bit. So change it by right click on desktop -  screen resolution - advance setting - monitor - color.
Click ok and Apply before close.

Jul 11, 2015


If you subscribe to any DIGI internet plan, you will notice it will automatically renew your packages until you are out of credit, and you reload it will deduct your credit again to renew the package. Here is the trick how to stop DIGI internet plan (daily, weekly and monthly plan) for any DIGI prepaid Internet plan:

1. Dial " *116*1#
2. Now select your subscribed Internet plan.

For example press 2 if you are subscribed to weekly RM5.

3. Now press 1 to unsubscribe and then press 1 again for confirmation.

Finally DIGI will send you an SMS saying that your subscription has ended. Now your prepaid credit is safe =)

Jun 30, 2015

USB Device not recognize in Windows 7/8 - Ipod

If you get an error "usb device not recognized" in Windows 8 or Windows 7. This problem happen because Windows could not install the Ipod driver properly.  So the solution is to reset the Ipod and put it back on your PC computer's USB slot. Here is how you can fix it:

1. Shut Down your Computer or Laptop.
2. Then plug ipod into the usb. slot
3. Now we need to reset the Ipod (it will not erase anything on your Ipod, don't worry). To reset move the hold button (on top of the ipod) once to hold then back to original position.
4. Then press and hold the center button and the top menu button at the same time for 6 seconds. 
5. Turn on your computer and it should automatically detect and install the ipod automatically.

Jun 26, 2015

Install Ubuntu on Windows 8/8.1 with UEFI

If you own a laptop with UEFI (normally Windows 8 pre-installed PC), you can natively install Ubuntu and Dual Boot ith your current Windows 8/8.1 by using the steps below.

This tutorial is base on what I did with my Acer Aspire E 15 series.

1. Create a new disk space for ubuntu installation.
You can do this by open Disk management and shrink volume to create a new unpartitioned space (Free Space). I recommend 30GB.

2. Turn off Fast Startup
Go to control panel - hardware and sound - power options, the select change what power button does on the left panel. Turn off the fast startup bu uncheck the box.

3. Restart with advance setting. Press restart and hold the shift button on your keyboard. Select troublshoot and advance option. Now select UEFI Firmware setting.

4. Change UEFI Setting
To enter UEFI setting, press F2 upon boot - for model other than Acer the key might be DEL, ESC or F12.

Now make the following changes.

A -- (Only for acer) set a password for your BIOS so the option to disable secure boot is available.
B) -- Disable secure boot.
C) -- Change UEFI to Legacy

Press F10 to save change and restart. Insert your bootable Ubuntu CD or USB.

6. Now boot Ubuntu with your bootable Ubuntu CD or USB. Select install Ubuntu.

7. Now for the last part. on the installation type select something else, look for the new disk space we created earlier. Create 4 new partitions for ubuntu installation:

Assuming you have 30Gb of disk space:

root = 10GB
boot  = 1GB or less
swap =  4GB
Home = the rest of disk space

Now continue with ubuntu installation and reboot. The problem now is if you want to boot to windows 8 you need to press F12 and select windows boot manager. If you want to boot to ubuntu just boot normally.
If you change form Legacy to UEFI on your UEFI setting, you will not be able too bot into ubuntu. So just stick with legacy mode.

Jun 21, 2015

YES Unlimited Broadband - No Quota

Yes introduce the YES Unlimited FIZ Service Plan. So here what you need to know about this plan:

1. It is a Wireless Connection means no wire or cable needed like fiber optic Internet or Streamyx packages. Just Plug and play.

2. Maximum Download Speed 1Mbps and Max upload speed is 384kbps.

3. Fixed IP adress means you can't use it outside your registered address. Example, If you are using it in Johor and want to move to Kedah, you are required to inform Yes Care at 018-333 0000 on the change of address.

4. Currently the Quota is unlimited, but YES already amke tis clear on FIZ Unlimited FAQ:

At the moment, this plan comes with unlimited data. However, Yes reserves the rights to cap the data quota at 30 GB with prior notice to subscribers. 
5.  No P2P, means no torrent and no voice call.

6. Contract 2 years. termination before the contract period end will be charges.

7. Registration fee RM150. Monthly commitment is RM89.

8. WIFI Hotspot : Can connect up to 10 devices.

It is a good choice for those who doesn't have streamyx coverage on their area and prefer to use internet at home.

Currently yes only have one competition in terms of Wireless Unlimited Internet Services which is P1 Wimax(Packet 1) . Base on the pricing, Yes FIZ Unlimited is way cheaper with the same download speed.

 However, with P1 you can use it anywhere with To Go plan (Same pricing and feature as above).

How To Check Astro Bill With SMS

To check your astro bill with sms by using either your Account number or your IC number

Type ASTRO BAL AC <Your Account Number> and send to 33310
Example : ASTRO BAL AC 88997754333

Type ASTRO BAL IC <Your IC Number> and send to 33310
Example : ASTRO BAL IC 881112146655

You will get an SMS within 1-2 minutes from 66688 which will state your last payment and current outstanding balance you need to pay.

Request for a reconnection.

If your astro service stopped and you want to reconnect you can also do this with SMS.

ASTRO RCO AC <NoAkaun> and send to 66688 
Example: ASTRO RCO AC 88997754333

If you didn;t get a reconnection after 3 Hours, kindly call ASTRO costumer services for assistance. Phone Number: 03-9543 3838

Jun 18, 2015

How To Stop Celcom Mobile Internet Prepaid

If you are using a celcom prepaid, you can subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly broadband internet by dialing *118#. If you want to unsubscribe any internet subscription above, simply type STOP (capital letter) and send to 28882.



send to 28882

This method valid for any prepaid users. Before this, celcom will ask users either to continue or stop their internet subscription before the subscription period end. However now your subscription renewal is automatic and you need to stop the subscription manually otherwise it will continue to subscribe until your are out of credits.
You do not have to worry because celcom will notify you about the automatic renewal with SMS. If you get an error after sending STOP to 28882, just try later and they will notify you with an SMS saying your are no longer subscribed to the any internet plan.

May 28, 2015

How to Play Videos/Movies on DVD with USB Playback

I have a LG DVD player with USB slot which support Video Playback , however it does not support mp4, flv and AVI videos which I downloaded from Internet. So, to solve this problem I searched the DVD specification to identify what type of video format I need to use in order to play those videos.

By looking at the technical specification, the LG DVD I have support following video formats.


Which one to choose?, since conversion of a movies could take more than 2 hours, I decided to look for more information. The specs, they also metion "while USB 2.0 Plus allows you to play back any JPEG, MP3 or DivX file stored on a USB memory device". So, thats it, I convert the file into DIVX format and it works!

1. Download the Divx converter here:
2. Upon installation it would ask for registration and serial no, just skip it and use the free version.
3. Add the file and convert your file to mp4. remember to use mp3 for the audio.

Now you can play the movies/videos on your DVD using the USB Playback.

May 22, 2015

How to Play Subtitle on TV with USB

Most modern Flat Screen TV (LCD or LED TV) allow you to play movie directly from USB. If you want to play the movie with subtitle what you need to do is:

1. Download the movie subtitle form any subtitle site such as or
2. Now move both movie file and subtitle file to your USB device.
3. Change the subtitle file name with the movie file name so that both have the same file name (the file extension/format will remain differ to each other).

4. Then plug the USB drive into your TV and play the movie.
5. Press the subtitle button to display the subtitle when the movie start playing. Example for Sony Flat Screen press the Green Button.

Additional notes:
Most subtitle format available online is srt. However you can change the subtitle from .sub to .srt using online subtitle converter.

May 20, 2015

How to Change Subtitle Framerate

 Most of the time the video/movies provided on the internet was 25 fps while common subtitle fps are 23 fps or 29 fps. This will cause subtitle delay, no matter how many times you adjust the time synchronization the subtitle will keep delay over time. You can check your video framerate by right click on it and select properties-details.

So here is how to solve this problems:

1. Download SubtitleEdit-3.4.6 from
2. Select the standalone package, download it and extract the zip file.
3. You can also download the installer package if you prefer to install it in your computer.
4. Run the program and load the subtitle you want to change the framerate.
5. On the top panel select synchronization and select change framerate.
6. Now key in the new framerate and save the subtitle file.

The common subtitle framerate is 23 fps for DVD and 29 fps for bluray. Most of the time I just test until I got the right value.